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New Website and much more!

9/17/2017 | CodeName007

Hello everyone!

This week we managed to finally update the website to final version! Forums are also comming in near future but for now please use our discord server.

More minigames! Yes that is right we will also release new minigame servers in near future. We asked you the community what would you like to see and the clear answer was BedWars and also new maps!

Also we are seeking for new staff that would be able to give 10+ hours per week to our community! For more please visit our discord server!

New Hosting Node!!?

8/13/2017 | CodeName007

Good news everyone!

Those days communities are getting bigger, specially minecraft comunities! That why we had to rent new node code named "Big boy". This node is now able to hold up to 1k players with massive 64Gb of RAM and i7-7700k processor

New website comming in near future?? Yes that is correct! This website right now isn't much i created it in about 10 mins and i know it looks basic, that why we are allready working on new one!