1.) Do not use Hacks/Mods

Hacks/Mods, "Hacked clients" are NOT allowed! If we catch you using one of them you will get banned!

2.) No spamming!

Do not spam in chat, also no spamming /command for fun or tag admins all the time, you will get banned!

3.) No multi accounts!

We allow up to 3. accounts per IP, if we catch you using 1 or more accounts for "afk jobs" you will get ip banned!

4.) Do not abuse exploits!

We may not be aware or all the exploits in game and your job is to report them to staff, if we catch you abusing them instead of reporting them you will be banned!

5.) No harrasment!

Do not harass/insult others. That means no racial words like NI**ER or other things like insulting someone for something you will be muted or banned! Also if you threaten any of staff members or the server itself you will be banned!

6.) No advertising!

No advertising websites, servers or anything else non-game related! You will get banned!

7.) Restricted use of items!

You are not allowed to use "OP" items made in creative or items like bedrock! You can get banned!

8.) No client modifications!

Client modifications that allow you to PvP better or build for you or give you any kind of advantage are not allowed and forbidden!

9.) Do not annoy staff!

If you constantly spam msg's to staff or tag them in chat you will be kicked use forum for questions and reports!

10.) Do not play mini-mod!

Do not attempt to play a mini moderator and make your own rules, spam staff abuse in chat you will be punished!

11.) No bribery!

Do not try to bribe staff into your advantage!

12.) No threatening!

Do not threaten any staff member, community with DOS, DOX attacks. Whatever the case you will be perma ip banned!

13.) We forgot something didn't we?

Whatever the case if you do bad stuff and staff sees you we can kick you or worse. Staff is always right and you have NO permission to talk back!


Donation Rules & Information
1.) Where does money go after you donate?

All money raised is used to pay server rent that costs 45 EURO per month, we also need to pay for plugins and various other things. No money will be used for personal interests!

2.) No refunds!

We are giving no refounds on donations and why is that? Simple as mentioned in 1.) and because we need to pay transaction fees that could be higher than ammount refounded!

3.) No selling accounts with ranks!

You are NOT allowed to sell the account that has "rank" or any kind of feature that has been recieved on by donation! If we see that you are attempting to sell account we will ban you PERMANENTLY.

4.) No rank transferring!

What ever the case is.. if you change username on minecraft we will NOT transfer rank to your new username because of many reasong including scams and rank selling as mentioned in 3.) .

4.) You do not BUY ranks!

Ranks are REWARDS given to you by staff for supporting server by donating! They can be taken away anytime by staff and will be if you do not respect RULES or Donation Rules.

If you did NOT read Donation rules, Rules before donating is not our problem! Seen it or not by donating you agree to both!